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Companies with APIs that are included in this State Government APIs research, with API detail when it exists.

Data.Illinois.Gov Welcome to the State of Illinoisu0026rsquo; Open Data Portal Initiative. This is a clearinghouse of various data sets in a standard format that is readable by virtually all computer systems. Development of this portal is aimed at increasing access to public data or the data used in the operations of government, and making it accessible to the citizens of Illinois in a conventional method. (API-Stack,Government,Illinois,Illinois government data,State Government,State-Stack)
Data.Oregon.Gov The Data.Oregon.gov website lets visitors interact with state records, create their own charts, graphs, calendars and maps, and save them online. Oregons Open Data Portal has received the top awards from the Center for Digital Government and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers. Oregonians want more access to data collected and stored by Oregons state and local government agencies. In response, Oregon launched the Data.Oregon.gov website to provide Oregonians the ability to view, search, sort, filter, download or build applications to access public data. (API-Stack,Datasets,Government,Oregon,State,State Government,State-Stack)
Data.Washington The State of Washington is known for great coffee, apples, and now, open data. As the home to many pioneering companies, it is no surprise that the State of Washington was one of the first states in the country to adopt an Open Data Portal. Located at data.wa.gov, the site contains multiple population-related visualizations, statistics on wildlife preservation, and information about Washington State congressional districts. (API-Stack,Government,State Government,State-Stack,Washington)
New York Senate (API-Stack,Community,Government,State Government,State-Stack)
NSW State Records (Archives,State Government)
OK.gov Data.OK.gov strives to make Oklahoma government more transparent through an unprecedented level of openness in Oklahoma government. By publishing raw datasets in different formats, you can look up statistics, build applications, conduct analysis and perform research. Data.OK.gov allows for a simple way to gather Oklahoma government data about the economy, public health, transportation, environment, and more on one website. Centralized access to this data saves you from having to visit multiple websites. (API-Stack,Datasets,Government,Oklahoma,State,State Government,State-Stack)
Open State (API-Stack,Museum-Stack,State Government)
OpenColorado OpenColorado is working to make public data available and accessible to the citizens of Colorado. Our vision is to support a transformation that will lead to a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use government. We founded OpenColorado to achieve this new, more effective, and open government. This site provides access to a wealth of government data becoming available from participating jurisdictions. (API-Stack,Colorado,Government,Open,State Government,State-Stack)
OpenGovernment (API-Stack,Federal Government,Government,Government-Stack,State Government)
RI.gov Open Data The RI.gov portal team is committed to making RI.gov links, as well as many other data sets available to the general public. We invite you to browse the data sets below and create something! (API-Stack,Datasets,Government,State,State Government,State-Stack)
Virginia DMV (State Government)
Washington State Department of Revenue Sales Tax Rate (Government,Sales tax,State Government,Tax,Washington)